Hi, welcome to Jamie&Jayden’s world!!! My daddy has helped us to set up this beautiful blog and asked us to “Blog” if we only know what it means?? Well, we felt so happy just to see our photos or video put on the “internet” , they look so “COOL!!!”


jamie examHi,friends.Today I got back my exam papers.I am so happy when I got back my exam papers because I got for English the highest mark.I got 100%.This is the first time I got 100%.For BM(Bahasa Melayu)I got 80%.For MT(Mathematics)I got for MT paper 29 and a half.My father and mother are very very proud of me.

Hi friends today i just received my exam papers result i’m happy that i get 96 for my Mathematics,96 for my Sains,80 for my bahasa and 89 for my English. I have improve in all the subject.My dad and my mom are very proud of me

jay exam


We watch this movie during our holiday 🙂 its so awesome!!!

Jayden:My daddy put up some of my underwater photos in his blog – eddieleevideo


I am so glad that my sickness have already go away but I still have a little fever still.When I go to school,my
friends are asking me am I OK?I said I just need to rest so that I will get well.So tomorrow I can’t go to church.


Today i cannot go to school because i am sick.I have high fever,headache,and red eyes.So i can’t see my friends and i miss them.So thats all i can say.Bye now.

By Jamie.

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Moooooooo!!!